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Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like These

well this is the first post

i moved from LJ

let's start off by saying that i am completely exhausted, even though i still got my eight hours of sleep, even though i take my vitamins, i'm still completely exhausted

i've been studying for my exams next week

biochem on monday, pathophys on wed, and pharmaceutics the following monday

the good news is that after that pharmaceutics exam it'll be thanksgiving break

school is defintely kicking my butt this year, study for hours and hours, not even cramming, but consistently studying and i can't seem to get the grades that i want, with the exceptiong of my IPEP midterm which i was able to get an A on, but i still wanted that 100.

and it sucks because we have all these transfers who already have degrees. there's SO many of them, and they're all so smart because they've taken these classes already so the class average is always normal-high even the the majority of the class has no idea what's going on. and it's also frustrating because i really need to work at this and my entire life concepts have always come to me so easily and i've never really had to study. learning to study properly at 20 sucks, i can't just read it the first time and get it anymore.

i've been so stressed lately and i hate it. i drinking this destressing tea by the gallons. between school and work it's getting to me. i also hate my job. i'm the only student on a fixed schedule and i'm called every single week to come home and work or if i can cover on a holiday or whatever. there are other students, ask them. i'm tired of consistently being called.

i'm probably coming off as really whiney, but whatever, i'm cranky and i have no one to rant to, so it's all going down of here

and off to work i go
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