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It's the holiday season!

Due to school and finals I've been away from the computer for the past couple of weeks, but now I'm home on break and can't wait to do fun things like:

1) make gingerbread cookies
2) look at christmas lights
3) build a snowman
4) build a gingerbread house
5) drink lots and lots of hot cocoa

yay the holidays are here!


I am thankful for #2

I am thankful for my sister. yes we've had our moments (just like any pair of sisters) but for the most part it's been a great time. we've been through a lot together. she's the funniest person i know. so today i'd like to reflect on being thankful for my sister.

love you!


happy monday!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did. I spent it doing some shopping on Boston's Newbury Street and making some headbands (i'm hoping to open an Etsy shop soon)

I'm wishing you all a happy weekend. i absolutely cannot wait until Thanksgiving!


happy weekend!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, school has really been kicking my butt. I'm looking really forward to a couple of days off next week for Thanksgiving. mmmm Turkey and all the fixings Portuguese style :)

today the weather is really cold and rainy. i just want to go out and jump in the puddles.

but anyways it's the weekend! how are you celebrating?


Be Yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am thankful for #1

So from now until Thanksgiving I would like to reflect on the things that I am currently thankful for.

So for my first post for the "I am thankful for" is about my friend Natasha. While  we've been friends since high school, we've become much closer after graduation. And for the five years since we've graduated we've been attending colleges that are 500 miles apart. and even though we spend the majority of the year miles apart we've been able to hold on to this special bond. she is more than just a friend, she is my soul sister. we really are two peas in a pod.

we have stuck by each other through thick and thin. we've cried, we've laughed (we've mostly laughed). she is possibly the most amazing person i know. she's so strong in her faith and has the most beautiful outlook on life. she makes me want to be a better person. our ultimate goal is to go on a cross country road trip and see the beautiful country that is america.

so here's to natasha the most awesome friend/sister a girl could ask for.


who/what are you thankful for?



today it's cold and dreary in the northeast as the remnants of Ida push through.
i wish i could stay home all day and curl up under the blankets, but instead i get to spend nine hours working at the pharmacy. wish i had more exciting things to do.

what are your weekend plans?

happy weekend!


Happy Day

wishing you all a happy day!




be happy!

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
Audrey Hepburn


Polaroid Card & Cupcakes!

So last night I worked on Lover's Polaroid Card, which was inspired by Ruthi's (though no where near as awesome as her's)

And then I made so yummy Chocolate Ganache cupcakes. The recipe is my own adaptation from Ina Garten's own except I left out the coffee grounds and added vanilla extract to the ganache. So yummy! Don't they just look delish?

So yummy! Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm off to watch the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns. Happy weekend!

Happy Weekend!

So I was up late working on lover's Polaroid Card and then up early to bake chocolate ganache cupcakes! It's lover's birthday tomorrow though we're celebrating it tonight. Many yummy looking pictures to follow later!

So tired, and trying to finish a million things before class in an hour.

Though things to look forward to: going to the Boston Celtics game tonight, getting Mike's Pastry, and spending the day walking around Boston tomorrow!

Have a happy weekend everyone!
What are your plans?


Spreading Cheer

So I came across this wonderful project Mysterious Letters by Lenka Clayton & Michael Crowe where their goal was to send a letter to everyone in the world, starting with their Irish village.

Isn't that such a wonderful idea? I wish I had thought of something like that. Who doesn't love getting a handwritten letter in the mail?

Some of the letters that they sent out:

I wish I lived in that Irish village. I would have loved to get one of these cute little letters!


Things to Look Forward to

So even though I would really like to boycott all the Christmas things that are going up now I can't help but get in that Christmas mood. I don't know if it was the Holiday drink I had earlier from Starbucks or what, but I am seriously getting into the Christmas spirit early!

Things I look forward to:

1) Christmas lights & decorations
2) Gingerbread Houses
3) The smell of a real pine tree
4) The move Elf
5) Gingerbread cookies
6) Peppermint Mocha Lattes
7) Snow!
8) Christmas cheer
9) Christmas shopping downtown
10) Spending time with family

Pola Calendar

So if you haven't noticed i love love LOVE polaroids. so i was extremely happy when i came across this pola awesomeness: a polaroid calendar!

This lovely little pola creativity was done by Marc Brubaker over at Marc It Off

Isn't this awesome!

What's the coolest Polaroid Project you've come across?


“if you desire love in your life, cultivate it in yourself, in your own dreams and desires, in the mark you want to make during your brief span here, in the lessons learned, in the smiles as much as the scars. fill yourself up with love, rather than waiting for someone to do it for you.”



Dream Roadtrip Car

i want to go on a roadtrip in one of these!

Happy November!

I hope you all had a happy halloween weekend. I mostly spent it working but I did get to spend some time carving pumpkins and watching scary movies!

So now we welcome November. A month where we think about what we are thankful for and a
month filled with yummy pumpkin treats.

Things not so cool: Halloween hadn't even begun and most of the stores are already decorated for Christmas. Oh boy, what ever happened to enjoying the moment.

Happy November!


Cool Room

i'd love for this to be my room. lots and lots of books to read all day!


Pola Awesomeness

So I came across this awesome handmade Pola Card made by Ruthi. Check out her blog post here:


It's inspired me to try and make my own Pola card, since my boyfriend's birthday is next week. I'll post pictures of the finished product once that gets completed. I'd love to get an awesome Pola card like this, wouldn't you?

Rain Rain Go Away

It's raining a lot here in Boston today. Normally I welcome the rainy days with open arms, but not today. Today I'm feeling very blah, so please please please rain go away. This pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today:

Intellectual Dreamer

which one are you?


SoWa open market & Salem

So this past weekend, since there was absolutely no studying to do, my friends and i went to the SoWa Open Market where there were lots of goodies to be found like hand crafted jewelry, pastries, clothing, and a huge antique sale! it was so awesome :)

We also loved walking through the cute little neighborhoods of South Boston

We then hopped on the train and took it out to Salem, MA to partake in the ghoulish festivities. We had so yummy food and went in a scary haunted house and took a trip to the Salem Wax Museum. Then we ended the night by taking a little trip to the carnival that they had going on:

i was also able to take lost of pictures with my Diana, so once i get the film developed i'll be sure to post them.


fix you

i've been listening to a lot of coldplay lately...

update later about my awesome weekend!


Happy weekend!

have a happy autumnal weekend!


this too shall pass

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.
Bernice Johnson Reagon

so true! i can't wait for this stressful period to be over with!










-Shel Silverstein

i miss you summer

lately all i've been able to do is daydream about summertime and roadtrips. oh summer how i miss you. not that i don't love you autumn but the stress lately has made me yearn for careless summer days.



Dreams are free, so free your dreams.  
~Astrid Alauda


Polaroid Summer

so my best friend and i bought a Polaroid camera at Savers earlier this summer for $5 and we've been wanting to document summer events with Polaroid pictures, so here are a few:

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