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i just read an old post here i was complaining about my laptop

btw i'm writing this from my fabulous macbook...which i am in love with
...even if they are coming out with new ones next month

whatever, i got a really great deal with the tax free weekend in MA and the Apple back to school special
so it's all good :)


so 4th year of pharmacy is four weeks into the semester
it's so hectic it's crazy

we've had three exams so far, i did pretty well on the first two :)
still awaiting the grade for the third one, but that was an insanely hard exam. even the smartest kid in our class came out of it and was like "i think i just failed that" yeah fun times

life is kind of boring
i feel friendships here are falling apart...but oh well not letting that get me down
if people want to act like they're in high school let them

yeah i'm in the library studying for therapeutics exam on tuesday
and lukey's coming up this afternoon so i'm excited :)

maybe i will update this more often
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