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sweet sweet summertime

wish every summer day could be as lovely as this picture


Things to Do

Things on the to do list in life:

1) Graduate Pharmacy school
2) Complete a two year residency
3) Join a band!
4) Road trip to california
5) Become a photographer


Save The Polaroids!

So the Impossible Project is trying to create film for vintage polaroids, which makes me so happy since Polaroid film is no longer produced, and it's becoming really hard to find & it's all expiring soon. PLUS the film is expensive (20 dollars per pack/10 photos per pack).

So be sure to check out the Impossible Project and support them! Check them out here!


Splendid Afternoon

So I did it! i bought the Diana F+ camera! I also got the 35mm back & a fisheye lens! I'm so excited for its arrival I'm not going to be able to think of anything else until then :)

On another note Natasha (the bffl) and I are going to see The Hangover. While I've already seen it, she hasn't so I'm going to go see it again since it was so funny the first time around

You're the Apple of My Eye

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So I have this play as my ringtone everytime my boyfriend calls. Lol. 
It's just so adorable! I love it :)

The Diana F+

So right now I'm currently lusting over the Diana F+ camera info found here. I love the colors and settings of this camera, even the camera itself is so cute!

I'm seriously contemplating buying one, especially since i feel that the art of film photography is dying off, i want to be able to find film easily.

I think I'm going to buy it later today, along with the 35 mm backing (so if 120 is just too hard to find, at least i can find this kind of film easily) & i'll also get the fish-eye lens, because i absolutely love pictures taken through the fish lens

so i'll leave you with pictures from the website taken through the Diana camera and hopefully you'll see some of my own soon!


Things I Love

So I felt like making a list of things that I love:

1) Photography:
I love taking pictures so much. Currently I have 4 cameras, 1 Pentax manual 35 mm, 1 Canon automatic 35 mm, 1 Canon digital Camera, 1 Polaroid instant camera! I just love taking pictures

2) Chai Lattes:

They are so yummy! I love sitting in a coffee shop with a book and a chai tea latte :)

3) The Beach:   
now who doesn't love the beach during the summer time?

4) Cute Couples:

Cute couples just make my heart melt. I love watching them interact with one another.

5) Polaroid Pictures:

Now who doesn't love Polaroid pictures. They are just so much fun!

6) Music:


sweet sweet summertime

it's summertime!

i got really really sunburnt yesterday at the beach yesterday and i'm in a lot of pain and really stiff. today i worked at cvs.

can't believe summer break is halfway over!
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