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Oh Maya. You express things so well.

Happy Wednesday

Hoping this Wednesday find you well.

starting my day off with yummy nutella & milk

happy wednesday! so much closer to the weekend.


Happy New Year

I know I'm a couple of days late on this, and I apologize for the hiatus, but Happy New Year!

2009 was a good year but I feel 2010 will be a better year because:

  • Last year of actual classes for me
  • Beginning of clinical rotations
  • One year closer to graduating!
  • I hope to use my brand new Holga lots and lots (boyfriend got it for me for Christmas!)
  • Hope to start my etsy shop
  • Hope to be more muscially involved:
    • I will never to go 8 months without touching my violin
    • I want to pick up my ukulele more often
    • I want to pick up my guitar more often so it's not just sitting in the corner all lonesome

Here's to 2010!
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